Two Citizens Killed in a Saudi Airstrike on Manba, Saada Governorate




Two citizens were killed on Monday as a result of a raid conducted by the Saudi-led coalition on a main road at Manba District based in Saada Governorate, northern Yemen.

The two civilians fell as killed victims in an air strike that hit their car on the main road in Al-Muqna’a region in Manba border district.

Just last Friday, a woman was killed and her husband wounded in a Saudi American airstrike on a house owned by Mohammed Yahya Mohammed, killing his wife Mazih Jaber and injuring him along with his little daughter, Khulood.

This crime comes in the context of subsequent crimes against the people of Yemen in general and the people of Saada province in particular, especially the border areas, which are constantly targeted by the air force and the forces on ground.

Such attacks have led to numerous killed and wounded civilians, as well as causing considerable damage to civilian property.

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