Washington is misleading the claim to reject the blockade on Yemen




The White House welcomed what they called a first step by Saudi Arabia to allow humanitarian aid to reach Yemen, welcomed the decision to open the port of Hodeidah and Sanaa airport, saying that millions of Yemenis are currently suffering from severe deprivation.

It is meaningless to call on the White House to open the door to the delivery of humanitarian aid to Yemen and to call for the revival of the political process, at a time when Washington is providing protection for Riyadh in the Security Council and preventing its condemnation in humanitarian and human rights organizations. Accept to sit at the negotiating table.

There is no real value to the calls of the US administration and some Western capitals, especially Britain, to lament the catastrophic humanitarian situation after the two capitals refused to abandon the armament of Riyadh, the latest of which was a sophisticated armament deal of $ 7 billion from Raytheon and Boeing. Of the US $ 110 billion arms deal with America during President Donald Trump’s last visit to Saudi Arabia in May.

Washington is misleading hypocritically by welcoming the easing of the blockade on Riyadh ports, and the US Navy is actively involved in the siege of the Yemeni coast.

The US Monitor last week referred to statistics indicating that Trump’s Washington increased its support for the coalition despite rising public and congressional concern about the war in Yemen. He pointed out that the teams of American consultants still support the coalition operations along the Saudi-Yemeni border.

The site quoted a Pentagon source as saying that his ministry had increased by more than double its support for the coalition operations over the year, particularly in the provision of air refueling services. He added that the Department of Defense this year, provided the coalition forces with about 480 thousand gallons of aviation fuel, an increase of 140% over the previous year. The site also pointed out that US tanks carried out 2363 missions related to air transport of fuel in the atmosphere of the Horn of Africa since the start of the war on Yemen, without clarifying the countries involved in these tasks. But the site confirmed that the Trump administration, contrary to what the Ministry of Defense officials have announced, has continued to supply Saudi aircraft more widely, especially in relation to the raids on Yemen.

In the meantime, Washington is silent at every time on the measures to tighten the arbitrary and collective siege against the Yemeni people, making it possible for Riyadh to exploit the blockade to achieve its goals, and to use the humanitarian situation politically and distracted from it, by throwing charges on the one who fired the rocket Riyadh and brought him to the side Yemen. The American silence on Riyadh’s adoption of the strategy of starvation and impoverishment and the spread of diseases and epidemics after the latter failed to achieve any of its objectives in the field. After rising voices condemning the catastrophic humanitarian situation, Washington is not condemning the blockade and denouncing the closure of the ports. It is waiting for the statements of its suspicious allies and the delay in lifting the siege. As if allowing a number of United Nations planes to land at Sanaa airport is a heroic act that is welcome.

The White House statement concluded that the United States still believes that an end to this devastating conflict and the suffering it is causing, through political negotiations. Democratic Senator Chris Murphy broke the silence, explaining in pictures from the Senate platform how US support for the war in Yemen allowed the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

The Democratic senator presented pictures of children suffering from famine, saying that the cholera epidemic would not have beenfall them without US support.

He explained how the United States is helping Saudi planes in setting targets, as well as supplying them with fuel. “The United States is part of this alliance, and the military campaign that caused the cholera epidemic would not have been possible without us,” he said.

There are also growing global views that view Washington as a partner in the war on Yemen since its inception. Some humanitarian organizations, including Human Rights Watch, consider that Washington is coordinating and assisting the military operations of the coalition and is therefore committed to investigating the unlawful attacks in which it participated.

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