A leader of Ansarullah reveals what happened at the last meeting between the leaders of Ansarullah and the conference




A member of the political bureau of Ansarullah Salim al-Mughalis disclosed the details in the last meeting between the leaders of Ansar Allah and the Congress Party, where he was present at the meeting as explained.

“The Deputy Minister of Interior reviewed the movements of the Afash militia under the leadership of his nephew Tareq and the training of many snipers and others and their concentration on the roofs of buildings,” al-Mughalis said in a leaflet on his Facebook page.

He explained that, “At that time most of the leaders of the conference were surprised , which swore that they donnot know that , and stressed that if it is true, the security and military authorities will take the necessary measures and will stand as an extension of these devices and they can not be overstretched in the security and stability of the capital and the country, even if it is by one of the leaders of the conference. “