Achievements of the security forces and the committees during the past 12 hours




With the help of God and his strength, the security forces, in cooperation with the honorable and free men from all tribes, managed to clean up dozens of sites of Afash’s militias in the capital Sana’a and several provinces, following with detail:

In the capital Sana’a and the province, Al-Sowad camp, Shiraz, the Fourth Brigade’s Camp in Al-Sowad and the 48th Medical building were cleaned up, and in Baghdad Street, the Afash militias at Abo-Obaida Mosque were defeated.

As well as Amd camp was cleaned, and many buildings towards the hypocrite’s house Tariq Al-Ahmar was cleaned, and secure Al-Nawareh and Al-Nawareh building (crossroad jibouti Street with Amman Street) and expelled them from it, and the Saudi embassy and a number of buildings in the political district were secured, while the Standing Committee in Al-Hasbeh, the Standing Committee in Hadeh and Yemen Canal in Attan, all its buildings and neighboring villas that full of snipers were also controlled, and control of the Al-Saleh Mosque.

In Amran province, the security forces, in cooperation with the popular committees and the honorable from the tribesmen, managed to cleanse the Bani Sarim and take full control of Bani Qays in Amran and secure it completely and besiege the house of Sheikh Al-Mobkoit Al-Mashreqi, and the progress is continuing to remove the hypocrites in Khamr and to cleanse them completely.

Ibb province: Al-Sayani line was secure and the pursuit of the hypocrites for Afash, Police Department east of Ibb city was secure.

Dhamar province: Al-Komani House was secured and one hypocrite from Afash was killed, also Dhamar Gate from the north was secured and took control of the house of Sheikh Al-Azazi, where a number of Afash’s forces were captured while the others were fled.

Rasabeh line, Mabar line, Senban line and Al-Hada Horor were secured after the hypocrites of Afash control these areas, and Naqil Yasleh line was opened.

Hajja province was secured completely from Afash’s militia and fled the militia leader Zidan Dahshush.

The public line from Hajja to Sana’a was also secured.

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