Nearly 30 Saudi Raids Strike Yemen’s Capital Sana’a in a Single Day




In the capital Sana’a, the Saudi-led coalition conducted more than 9 raids on the historic Republican Palace, which led to the destruction of the building and its affiliated buildings significantly, and damaged the homes of citizens in the neighboring regions.

Moreover, the coalition launched five raids on Al-Sabean District, while an additional raid targeted the Al-Sabean Square used for celebrations. It is targeted by the Saudi warplanes for the second time in days.

The US-backed coalition also waged four raids on the presidential bridge and two others on the presidential gate in the center of the capital.

In the outskirts of the capital Sana’a, the fighter jets launched a raid on the bastion of Afash in Sanhan District, and two raids on Al-Bait Al-Ahmar in the same district.

In addition, about  five airstrikes struck the house of the former Yemeni president Saleh in Al-Kumain neighborhood in Sana’a (after Ansaullah took over it).

Yemen has been facing a ruthless war for nearly three years, which has left thousands killed and wounded, thousands infected with cholera, millions on the brink of famine and many stranded either inside or outside of the country due to the Saudi siege.

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