The Yemeni missile canceled the Patriot





The American newspaper “The New York Times” confirmed the failure of US Patriot missiles in intercepting the Yemeni missile that targeted Khaled airport near Riyadh at the beginning of last month, pointing out that this will have significant military repercussions on the defense of the United States than Saudi Arabia.


The New York Times quoted missile experts from Middlebury, Calif., Who headed the expert Jeffrey Lewis analyzed a lot of data to the conclusion that the Saudi defenses could not intercept the Yemeni missile.


She explained: The experts analyzed the missile from the perspective of national security, and they considered the failure of Patriot to intercept the Yemeni ballistic missile dangerous news to US air defenses before the Saudi defenses.


“The Yemeni missile canceled the Patriot, which was famous for the first war in Iraq, and may be the missile launched by the Houthis on November 4 last against Riyadh airport, the end of Patriot.”