Fresh Saudi Crimes, Two Killed in Taiz and a House Turned into Rubble in Hudayda




Two Yemeni citizens were killed in Maqbana District based in Taiz Governorate, central Yemen, after the Saudi-led coalition conducted several airstrikes. 

The warplanes of the coalition also reportedly attacked a citizen’s house in Huydayda Governorate, western coastal Yemen.

Earlier today, at least 11 civilians were killed in a Saudi raid that struck a car in Maqbana District, western Taiz.

These crimes are only a part of a series of daily crimes committed by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition against civilians, the latest of which was the perpetration of a crime against the prisoners in Sana’a and the deliberate targeting of civilian communities and their homes and all public and private life facilities in various governorates.

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