Saudi-Led Coalition Slaughters 12 Civilians in Taiz, Central Yemen




At least 12 citizens were killed on Thursday after the Saudi-led coalition targeted civilian vehicles on the bridge linking between Al-Barah, Maqbnah and Hayss in Taiz, central Yemen.

The war crime led to the deaths of 4 civilians on board of the car traveling using the aforementioned bridge, local source told YemenExtra.

Moreover, the coalition warplanes hit another citizen’s vehicle and killed nearly 8 civilians, source added.

Due to the war, siege and the lack of oil derivatives, large numbers of citizens are forced to ride in a single car as they are rarely available.

This crime comes in less than 24 hours following a previous crime that claimed the lives of 3 innocent citizens, namely Radwan Aubli, his brother Ahmad and his child Radhi, whereas the coalition had targeted their car in the area of Maqhbana in Taiz.

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