Al-Masirah Foundation distributes 336 school uniforms on the occasion of 1000 days of steadfastness of the Yemeni student




Under the slogan (1000 days of steadfastness of the Yemeni child in the face of the Saudi-led coalition) the social welfare foundation on Wednesday morning, December 19, 2017 held a charity event in Mimouna Bint al-Harith school .

During the event, Al-Masirah foundation distributed about 336 school uniforms to displaced and needy students at the school.

Several members of the society attended and distributed the uniforms of the students.

The director of the school Mimouna Bint Al Harith thanked the Masirah foundation for its humanitarian role towards the students who lack their most basic rights, which is the school uniform because of what the country faces of  aggression and unjust siege, as it claimed.

The members of the foundation said that the foundation should do such services for the sons of the younger generation to allow them complete their educational program despite the difficult circumstances because of the Saudi-led coalition’ air strikes.

The students expressed their joy over having the new school uniforms, thanking the Masira foundation for their efforts.

The event received wide media coverage.

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