The appointment of Mohammed bin Salman as the new crown prince through the authority of the father, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, in a manner that drew the attention of many political analysts in the world, where he was able to win the title of “architect of war” on Yemen and committing the worst crimes with Western American support International.

Saudi Arabia, three months after the arrival of Salman bin Abdul Aziz to power and the appointment of his son to the post of the Ministry of Defense launched a brutal war on Yemen under the pretext and the pretext of restoring legitimacy and that the supporters of God constitute a threat to the stability of Saudi national security, but the declaration of war on Yemen raised many questions to politicians, Saudi Arabia has always supported some political circles that have managed to dominate Yemen.

As the information indicates that the elimination of Ansarullah by Saudi Arabia with the participation of 10 countries was an excuse by Mohammed bin Salman, but its goals were represented by this, which represented the following:
First: the confrontation of Iranian influence in the region
Second: change the balance of power in the region for the national security of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Third: Strengthening the regional and international situation
The war in Yemen lasted more than 1,000 days and had painful and unfortunate consequences for Yemeni society, including the destruction of infrastructure, the spread of disease and epidemics, the killing of civilians and the spread of famine.

Bin Salman and the hostile vision towards Yemen:

Many analysts believe that the inauguration of Mohammed bin Salman as the crown prince of the Saudi monarchy entered Yemen in a new phase of destruction because of his aggressive approach to maintaining American interests in the region. Trump’s arrival in power in the United States “made matters worse”.

The United States has supported Riyadh militarily and politically to confront Iran and Russia.

This has put political solutions in front of closed doors. The efforts of Riyadh and Washington by supporting political parties and groups that tend to their policies as the reform party and others for the post-war phase as a future step to manage the fuse of fighting as a card can be controlled when the interest requires.

After our monitoring of the military and political developments and developments, it revealed to us that Saudi Arabia had failed to disarm the revolutionary committees and eliminate the revolution despite the influx of billions of dollars to buy the debts and after committing the most heinous crimes, and the differences that hit the coalition because of the war in Yemen put Saudi Arabia in a state of The UAE, which is considered one of the most important allies of Saudi Arabia in the aggression, cannot turn a blind eye to its interests in southern Yemen, whatever happened and the situation worsened.

The United States started this dispute within the coalition and welcomed the division between them for the other administration Direct and control of Arab countries.

The Saudi regime took a long step towards forming an Arab NATO aimed at confronting Iran and preventing its expansion and strategic depth in the region, but before that it was able to determine its positions in Iraq, Syria and Yemen first, for this matter this step was a failure and was a major blow to Mohammed bin Salman and his policies in Region.

On the other hand, Saudi-Israeli relations have entered a new phase to confront Iran, Hezbollah, Hezbollah and the popular crowd, which has strengthened bilateral relations.

The political and military transformations in Yemen after more than a thousand days of aggression and the most important of these transformations, the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh and the exit of Qatar from the coalition The rise of the Yemeni deterrent capabilities of the missile force, compounded the calculations of Riyadh and its sovereigns, and as long as the war we saw Yemen exposed its muscles to the alliance The unjust siege.

Saudi Arabia and the continued military failure in Yemen through the participation of ground forces, especially on its southern borders (Jizan, Najran and Asir), and the withdrawal of the Black water forces from the US internal fronts, and after the Gulf crisis and the exit of Qatar from the coalition and the loss of another paper that was betting on him (Ali Abdullah Saleh and militias betrayal ) And the arrival of the Yemeni missiles deep into its strategy, seem to have lost its right and does not have any map to manage the war and achieve its objectives in Yemen.

However, the appointment of Mohammed bin Salman as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the possibility of his coming to power sooner or later, will draw the Kingdom of great challenges, especially that Yemen has a stop before me and cannot forget the blood of its children who were killed either in the raids or while facing aggression.

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