Prominent Israeli journalist calls for the rape of Palestinian women?




Has a prominent Israeli journalist just called for the rape of Palestinian women?

Ben Caspit, a prominent Israeli writer for ‘the Jerusalem Post’, ‘Al-Monitor’ and other news/media outlets, wrote an article (in Hebrew) addressing the arrest of Ahed Tamimi – a 16 year old Palestinian girl, filmed slapping Israeli soldiers after they attempted to enter her home – this Tuesday. In the article he had been quoted as to have stated on the punishment of the Tamimi women that, “In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”.

 This statement, referring to the women in specific, has sparked outrage amongst Western readers who have been made aware. The statement has been interpreted as a call to rape and/or abuse the Tamimi women.

This sort of mentality, however vile, is nothing new amongst Israeli journalists, Rabbi’s and officials, but non-the-less begs a backlash coming from such a prominent writer.

Sexual misconduct against women in the Israeli army has been widely documented. A survey obtained by Haaretz in 2016 indicated that approximately 60% of Israeli female soldiers have experienced sexual misconduct, 35% testifying to have been touched inappropriately.

Cheif IDF Rabbi, Col. Eyal Karim, became infamous after it was uncovered that he had endorsed the rape of Palestinian women “during wartime… To boost moral”.

Cases of sexual torture against Palestinian prisoners have also been widely documented by leading human rights organisations.

On the issue of Ahed Tamimi (16 year old Palestinian girl), Israeli officials have called for her punishment and lifetime imprisonment.

 Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennet, called for Ahed to be imprisoned for life, whilst Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, called upon her punishment along with the arrest of her family members, an ambition later fulfilled.

Ahed Tamimi, along with her mother Nariman and sister Nour are still being held in Israeli dungeons, whilst Israeli mainstream media scream victim and social media campaigns opened by Israelis and supported by Israelis have fulfilled their ambitions in punishing a 16 year old girl for standing up to fully armed soldiers, illegally and violently occupying her land.

15 year old Mohammed Tamimi was shot in the head, the week before Ahed Tamimi confronted the soldiers, he remains in critical condition.

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