At Least 84 Killed, Injured in Three Fresh Saudi War Crimes (Graphic Pictures)




The Saudi-led coalition committed on Monday new crimes in Sana’a, Dhamar and Hodeidah Governorates that left 84 dead and wounded civilians, including women and children. Such crime is yet considered only one of the series of Saudi crimes perpetrated against the Yemeni people.

In Sana’a, nearly 11 civilians fell as killed victims while another 4 sustained wounds in a number of raids conducted by the Saudi-led coalition on Asir neighborhood based in Ma’een District.

In Dhamar, the warplanes of the US-backed coalition targeted the Customs Department with 6 raids as it was crowded with staff and citizens.

The attack killed 4 citizens and wounded 55 others, local source reported to YemenExtra.

In coastal Al-Hodeidah Governorate, western Yemen, eight citizens were killed, including two women, in addition to two other women injured in the raids bombarding eastern Zabid.

This comes in the context of crimes of the Saudi-led coalition against the people of Yemen amid a dubious international silence.