Strongest Yemeni Tribes threaten Saudi -led coalition , paid fighters




The people of the Kharef Directorate in Amran province, in Qabla province, confirmed Monday their full readiness to defeat the Saudi-led coalition and their paid fighters  and to clear the sea of ​​their evil and criminality, stressing that the Yemeni tribe will remain the main source of honor and heroism.

The participants pointed out that the coalition, no matter how long it lasted and no matter how besieged it, strengthens the steadfastness and resolve of the Yemeni people to stand firmly and do their best for the sake of Allah , in addition to defending  the soil of this country, stressing the unity of the internal ranks and protecting them from those who seek to tear apart the national society as well as support front battles with money and men until the entire territory of the homeland is liberated.