From Balfour to Trump: Confrontation is the answer




Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying entity and his request to transfer his country’s embassy to it, is a political event that cannot be easily crossed. The issue here is not aimed at the nature of the city, its symbolism or its location in the human conscience in general and the Arab in particular, but beyond it to the decision by its political nature, and what is planned for Palestine and its cause. This is a course that the United States has been working on ever since the Great Depression of the early 1990s and the change in the nature of the conflicts with its intellectual-political dimensions. And its objectives.

The United States affirms that its bias towards the occupying entity in its nature, function and role in the region, which constitutes an essential part of the colonial and political structure of the colonial project, whether directly or through its instruments, from States, groups and entities of sectarian and sectarian nature, Service to its project in “putting the hand” on the world and its leadership in accordance with its interests and objectives. A behavior practiced by all successive US administrations, from before the beginning of this century to the present day.

The resolution also reflects the reality of the United States position on the question of Palestine. In this regard, it is not only the enemy of Palestine and its cause but the enemy of all peoples who reject the logic and behavior of hegemony, which the “evil empire” continues to exercise on the surface of the globe. , In addition to the international institutions, to serve the implementation of its program of absolute hegemony over the world and all its capabilities; in this sense, it is here «the head of global terrorism», which requires all those affected by the resistance, and by all means required to do so. This is a natural phenomenon. It is the first to sponsor terrorism, to finance wars, to plunder the best of the people and to the poorest of peoples, and to violate international conventions and resolutions issued by the United Nations and the Security Council. And the interests of many of the former colonial powers, to liquidate all the just causes, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue, and coverage of systems that have never ceased to abandon, not only the interests of their peoples and their wealth, but all human issues and values, Global clear as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

This reality requires all forces opposing this status quo to make a radical change in the pattern and quality of the approaches to be taken and to act on them. The Palestinian issue is a university issue by its very nature. It is an issue of concern to all, that is to say, beyond the Palestinian entity to the international situation. In this sense, too, it is more comprehensive and must be dealt with and updated on this basis. Therefore, it is not possible to approach what is related to it and its discussion – which are related to the recent developments or the future – that are not confined to the Palestinian side as an exclusive and direct right holder, but to all the forces that espouse imperialism, reactionary and colonialism. Confrontation programs and their implementation.

The omission of the Palestinian cause for a long time and its absence from the arena as a pan-Arab issue since the Oslo Accords until today, and the legislation of the state of division on the Palestinian arena have contributed significantly to the establishment of justice and the legitimacy and comprehensiveness of this issue within the framework of categorical limitations. Complete. The total absence of the issue in the past seven years has been lost between the trenches of war in the Ring Countries and the futile discussion of the legitimacy of a “power” based on a separate and fragmented geography, surrounded by the occupying entity and its racist-aggressive actions.

Today, if some of the forces of the axis of “ring” in Palestine feel the beginning of their victories in the war against Syria and Iraq, and supplement Palestine, it must follow and develop a new strategy of confrontation: If all those wars that have waged against Syria and Iraq is the creation of imperialism and Zionism and reactionary and supported, This is a historic opportunity that can bring together many forces of various kinds and approaches. It is also an opportunity to end the effects of Western aggression, which began a century ago with the Balfour Declaration, »Almh CE, and continues today with the «Trump promised». It is a hundred years of loss, division, blood, victims, martyrs, displacement and asylum experienced by our Arab peoples, specifically in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, in the hope of liberation and return, but the more years after the dream of Palestine. This reality necessitates a reconsideration of the nature and manner of confrontation to return the issue to its basis as a national liberation issue.

The comprehensive confrontation does not mean the identical battle, but rather its essence, the work in all the squares and on all the issues, although different means. The question of Palestine is not just a matter of land taken from its owners or people displaced in the world. It is, first and foremost, the cause of a colonial project that began a century ago, aimed at controlling and dominating the region. And conquer the people, and the artificial entity in Palestine today function, but an advanced form of racist fascism and an outpost of aggression. On this basis, his resistance becomes resistant to the pattern of hegemony itself, which the United States continues to practice, and with its worst forms and means. And this is pushing towards exceeding the obligations of the confrontation and vary to include all those who believe in justice, freedom and progress in the region and the world.

This stage requires establishing the current developments in all its manifestations , Which is negative and positive, to produce a “confrontation project”, through which the resistance forces, Palestinian and Arab, can re-rectify the conflict and return it to the arena of Palestine, where the destination is clear and the enemy specific, by emphasizing that: Jerusalem is Arab, the capital of the State of Palestine, All the revolutionaries of the world, the duty to liberate them and all of Palestine is a necessary and necessary task. History and geography cannot be erased by the Balfour era and its cowardly policies. And that there is no difference between the city and the city in occupied Palestine, whether the capital of the occupied entity is the spring hill or Gaza or Ramallah or Jerusalem, the situation will be; all Palestine under occupation, and any change, in the nature of cities and its function, the occupation is one and the result one The American behavior in this way, that is, by giving itself the right to delegitimize one or the other, or by confirming the truth or formalizing this entity, is considered a blatant assault, and no legitimacy is given to occupation whatever it may be and no matter who gives it. This is a constant, and all that is other is in the context of the infringement of history and geography, and what is required to face, not wishes and statements of condemnation and denunciation, but resistance, and various types and means.

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