Cleric: Saudis should be ‘shameful’ of Yemen massacre




Tehran’s interim Friday prayer leader strongly criticized Saudi Arabia’s attacks on Yemen that has caused a disastrous situation in the poor Arab country, urging Riyadh to stop killing people,according to IRNA .

Referring to the recent reports by the International Red Cross (IRC) on the tragic situation in Yemen, Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani said, “You (the Saudis) who dub yourself the ‘Khadim al-Haramein Sharifein’ (custodian of the two holy shrines) should be shameful and stop killing people.”

The UN said on Thursday that a Saudi-led fighting in Yemen has killed 109 civilians in air strikes in the past 10 days, including 54 people at a crowded market and 14 members of one family on a farm.