Hezbollah to Launch Four Thousand Rockets onto ‘Israel’ Every War Day: Haaretz




The Zionist newspaper Haaretz published an article in which it presented a completely dark view about the serious threat posed by Hezbollah rockets during any upcoming war, stressing that the peril would be very destructive.

The Israeli paper mentioned that Hezbollah would launch three to four thousand rockets on a daily basis onto the Zionist occupation entity, killing thousands of settlers, adding that what would be also dangerous is that the missiles, some of which might be heavy, would target and destroy the key infrastructure and economic facilities in addition to the major decision making headquarters and the luxurious neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.

Haaretz warned that the Israeli air raids on some posts in Syria and on the tunnels in Gaza might lead the region into a war during which Hezbollah missiles would inflict heavy losses upon the Zionist entity.

Source: Al-Manar Website