Iraqi forces take the lives 6 “Daesh” elements in southern Kirkuk




The Iraqi Armed Forces took the lives of six “Daesh” elements, backed by Saudi Arabia,  in the southern part of the Kirkik region, today, According to Al-Sumaria News Agency .

Iraq’s Hashd Al-Sha’abi (Popular Mobilization Units) tracked down “Daesh” members  in southern Kirkik’s Al-Zab area in a bid to clear the region of all elements, it reported.

“Daesh” lost all of their mmembers in the Kirkuk Governorate in 2017,but  they still have many sleeper cells all over the country.

In order to combat “Daesh”s  sleeper cells, the Iraqi Armed Forces have deployed counter-terrorism units all over the country; they are tasked with hunting down and expelling the terrorists.