Hebrew newspaper : military cooperation between the UAE and Israel is growing stronger





The newspaper “Maariv”  reads that Israeli relations between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi getting stronger in the military field, in the light of arms deals which also extends to the Egyptian regime.

The Hebrew newspaper, which based its report on information from theFrench  magazine “AntigensOnline” , gave two  examples of contacting between the Israeli  companies “Elbit” and “Aeronetics” with Abu Dhabi to provide aircraft marching.

It said that Abu Dhabi gave a plane to the regime of Egyptian of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, and the forces of the Libyan retired brigade Khalifa Hafter, as quoted by “Al Jazeera Net.”

It added that these military relations also provided Abu Dhabi with Israeli defense systems “to protect the oil fields in the emirate.”

The UAE has mainly involved in the Saudi-led coalition  against since Yemen three years ago.