Saudi raid targets Yemeni nomads, leaves one severely wounded in Saada




A citizen was injured on Wednesday after a raid conducted by the Saudi-led coalition targeting nomads in Saada Governorate.

The KSA/UAE warplanes targeted the nomads in Al-Abogabara District based in Kattaf District, leaving a nomad suffering from various critical wounds.

The aforementioned victim was waiting for a Taxi on the road wanting to head to the market and buy daily supplies when he suddenly found himself wounded in a Saudi raid, local source told YemenExtra.

Moreover, the injured man was taken to the hospital for treatment. The raid also caused serious damage to the road between Saada and Kataf.

Last Sunday, the Saudi-led coalition launched two raids on Al-Aqiq area aiming for a civilian vehicle carrying two citizens, which led to their immediate death.

A Yemeni nomad severely wounded in a Saudi American airstrike on 2/21/2018 in Saada Governorate. YemenExtra.