Saudi-led coalition bans entering money to Aden




The Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen have banned a merchant ship carrying a cash-order shipment belonging to the Central Bank of Yemen from entering the port of Aden since early February and refused to grant entry to it , media outlets said. The news comes days after of circulation of contradictory information reported by the media outlets loyal to Saudi Arabia, indicating that the government of Hadi (expired), and under the guidance of the Quartet, which includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Britain, decided to transfer the Central Bank to the Jordanian capital Amman, confirming that the head of the bank, whom  Hadi designated bank, began to do his duties there.

For its part, Al-Jadid Arabi newspaper published a statement by a Yemeni Central Bank official about the prevention of a commercial ship carrying cash publications, saying that the UAE forces prevented the ship from reaching Aden due to the proximity of Hadi from the Islah Party, pointing out that the government of Ben Dagher foiled to allow the ship carrying the bank’s cash belonging to the central bank’s money shipment of about 180 billion riyals ($ 473 million) enter.
Meanwhile, the Associated Press quoted from Yemeni officials as saying that the ship was carrying about 170 billion Yemeni riyals ($ 447 million) from entering the southern port of Aden.

Officials claim that that money is for salaries of employees in Hadi’s government, whose salaries have not been paid for more than a year.
This was not the first time that the Hadi’s government claimed that the UAE forces had blocked the funds from reaching the central bank. Last November, Hadi’s government said that  the UAE, which controls Aden, had expelled the ship’s container ship, Devon Trader, from the port of Aden for shipment Seacon Line, from the port of Aden for shipping a container of cash registers to the Central Bank which worth 36 billion riyals (94 million dollars).

Observers underestimated the fact of the decision of prevention, pointing out that the government of Hadi may say such statements in order to justify its failure to hand over salaries after the looting and corruption in the provinces ,controlled by the Saudi-led coalition.


اعلان الزكاة