A dead body of a soldier belonging to Islah party and the fugitive president in Aden




On Thursday, residents of Dar Saad , Yemen’s south , Aden city, found ,the body of a handcuffed soldier with gunshot wounds to the head.

A security source in Dar Saad police said that citizens informed the police about the presence of a body in a desert in the east of Darsaad district near the city of Al-Faisal. According to this report, the police went to the place of the body. The body of the soldier, Ahmed Essam, He is a member of the presidential guard of the Mahran al-Qabati camp, one of  Hadi’s brigades in Aden.

One of the relatives of the soldier Ahmed Essam confirmed that he was kidnapped two days ago in AL-Kara’a round by unknown assailants, but the cause and kidnappers were not identified.