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Saudi war crimes covered up by US- backed body in Yemen: HRW

YemenExtra Y.A Human Rights Watch says a so-called investigatory body, overseen by Saudi Arabia, has for over two years been covering up war crimes committed by the kingdom in Yemen. The rights organization released a 90-page analysis…

Situation under control in Sana’a: Yemen governing body

YemenExtra Y.A Yemen’s Supreme Political Council which runs state affairs says the situation in the capital Sana’a is back to normal following days of violent clashes between forces loyal to ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh and Houthi…

Dead Body of a Girl Detected in Taiz, Central Yemen

YemenExtra M.A. The Yemeni security services found on Thursday the corpse of a girl in Damnah Khadeer based in Taiz province, central Yemen. The girl's dead body had signs of torture imprinted and was dumped in a well, local source…