Aden the “series of house raids “




A security force, believed to be from the anti-terrorism apparatus, arrested  the son of a security official in Aden province, south of the country, the city under the control of UAE.

A security force raided the home of Brigadier General ,Atef al-Mashali, head of the emergency apparatus at the interior ministry of the Hadi government, the Yemeni fugitive president, , on Thursday (March 29th) ,and arrested his son, according to Aden al-Ghad.

He was taken on a military tank from his house to an unknown destination.

The arrest operation came in less than 24 hours of kidnapping the leader of Islah group, Nidal Bahwirth ,from the city of Crater, and the assassination attempt of Khaled al-Azi Khatib ,the Imam of the mosque of Al-Ruwaishan Square in Mansoura district.

The two incidents, which came a day after an attack, sponsored by “Daesh”terrorist organization , backed by Saud Arabia, which targeted the Faculty of Arts at the University of Aden, killing one soldier and injuring another , but one of the attackers was arrested after his injury.