Saudi-led coalition targets a ship laden with wheat off the port of Hodeidah




The Red Sea Ports Corporation announced that the warships of the Saudi-led coalition targeted a merchant ship loaded with wheat destined for the port of Saleef in Hodeidah Province, western Yemen.

“The INSE INBULO, a 189-meter-long ship carrying 49770 tonnes of wheat, was shelled by the Saudi-led coalition navy forces during its way to Salif port in Hodeidah after being inspected and given a permit from the UN office in Djibouti,” the corporation said in a statemented.

It added that the Saudi-led coalition took the ship towards the port of Jizan in Saudi Arabia, despite being subjected to direct shelling, amid fears of sinking.

This crime comes in the light of of the maritime blockade imposed on the Yemeni ports and the blocking of commercial ships from reaching the port of Hodeidah, which on the other hand was subjected to a series of raids that took many of its equipment out of service.