Report: Saudi-led coalition warplanes wage 24 airstrikes over 24 hours




The Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, conducted 24 airstrikes on Sanaa, Saada, Hodeidah and Hajjah provinces over the past 24 hours, killing and injuring three citizens including a child, Yemeni News Agency Saba reported on Tuesday.

A civilian was killed, a father and his child were injured in three airstrikes that targeted a farm in al-Hashnat area in Nehm district, three airstrikes struck Dhafar mountain in Bani Matar district in Sanaa province, said the official.

In Saada province, northern Yemeni border, two airstrikes hit al-Hajlah area, destroying a citizen’s house in an airstrike targeting Al-Ali area in Razih border district.

To continue with Saada, three airstrikes, artillery and missile shelling hit the citizens’ farms and homes in Baqim district.

Also in Saada’s Razih and al-Dhaher border districts, artillery and missile shelling targeted residential villages and areas.

In Hodeidah province, western coast of Yemen, six airstrikes hit Hodeidah International Airport and its surroundings, while five airstrikes bombarded the port city’s Marine College.

Concluding it with Hajjah province, an airstrike targeted Mustaba district.

اعلان الزكاة