Who makes the Yemenis suffocate ,prevents oil derivatives in the north and south ?




The government of the former fugitive Yemeni president,Hadi, loyal to the US backed Saudi-led coalition,  continues to prevent the import of food and oil derivatives unless the merchants handed over heavy royalties to the government of Hadi under the name of “guarantee” as well as rise taxes and customs on traders as a result a major crisis erupted in oil derivatives in the southern provinces as well as the northern provinces.

The absence of oil derivatives in various Yemeni provinces was caused by the reluctance of a large number of traders to import oil derivatives because of the decisions of Hadi and his last government, which does not guarantee the rights of traders and depositors because the province of Aden is an unsafe province and their property is not safe.

The rise of taxes and customs carried out by Hadi made traders especially oil derivatives to raise their price , while others kept large quantities to be sold at high prices within the scheme of the coalition and the government of Hadi , especially in areas controlled by the Yemeni army forces.

These measures taked by the government of Hadi against the citizens came after the coalition had prevented the import of food and oil derivatives through the port of Hodeidah, which made the coalition and the government of Hadi take control of the economic file ,and
Sana’a government and its affiliates is no longer able to import something over supporting fighters of the Yemeni army forces.

اعلان الزكاة