Health Ministry Denounce Coalition’s Attacks on Health Facilities in Hodeida




The ministry of Health and Population condemned in a statement released continue targeting of the US-Saudi coalition’s forces against the civilians’ neighborhoods in mass genocide killing and injuring children and women.

The ministry strongly condemned destroying more than 430 health facilities, which was the target of ground and air attacks led by the Saudi-led coallition.

“Those crimes reflect aggressively and barbaric aspects of the occupation states of the Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” the statement read.

The ministry affirmed that continue silence of the international community and UN over those crime encouraged the coalition to continue theirs heinous crimes against the Yemeni people.

UNHRC data indicates that at least 8 million of the nation’s 28 million people require emergency food assistance immediately, while humanitarian workers in the nation have identified areas in which people are eating leaves to survive, as an estimated 2.3 million people in the country have been driven from their homes and are now refugees.

As the Saudi-led coalition disrupts supplies of food and other necessary items, including medical equipment, through the sea, land and air blockade.

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اعلان الزكاة