Aden: Detainees in UAE prisons announce their hunger strike




Detainees in the prison of Bir Ahmed, supervised by the UAE, in the city of Aden, continue their hunger strike until their demands are met.

New photographs showed detainees holding banners saying they would continue their strike to death; if the UAE did not respond to their demands to resolve their cases, bring them to fair trials, and immediately release those who had not been charged.

Prisoners declared a continued hunger strike in protest of their difficult situation and what they are exposed to, according to the images circulating over social media.

The prisoners sent a letter a few days ago, saying that 18 cases of fainting were caused by the hunger strike, pointing out that they hold the criminal prosecution responsible for their lives because it did not fulfill its duty towards them.

The prison of Bir Ahmed is under the control of the UAE-backed security belt militia since it opened more than a year ago.The Associated Press revealed in June a new scandal committed by Emirati officers and their agents against hundreds of detainees in the prison of Bir Ahmed in Aden, and the US agency stated that the methods of various torture and sexual humiliation are similar to what took place in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

According to the agency’s report, some 15 UAE officers were involved in torture and sexual abuse, considering the report “a window to the world” that exposes the mass assaults and impunity in prisons controlled by the UAE in Yemen.”