May 21: A Daily Update Of The Saudi American Crimes Against Yemen




The Saudi-led coalition continues, on Tuesday, to launch raids in several governorates, killing and injuring a number of civilians and damaging private and public properties. In Hajjah, three civilians were killed and four others were injured with a US-Saudi airstrike targeting a civilian’s car in Abs district.

I Sa’ada, the US-Saudi warplanes launched three raids on Sahar district and two raids on As-Safra’a district. Saudi missiles and artillery shells targeted populated villages in Shida border district.

In Hodeidah, the UAE-Saudi mercenaries targeted different areas of Hais district with heavy and medium machineguns. The mercenaries also targeted 7-Yolio residential area with heavy and medium machineguns. In addition, UAE-Saudi affiliated forces targeted civilians’ farms and properties in Attohayta district with 17 shells.