Health Ministry: Number of Cancer Patients Increases, 40 Thousand Cases Annually




The Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil revealed, on Tuesday, that 40,000 cases of tumors were recorded every year in Yemen, stressing that the bombing that hit the country is one of the main reasons for the high rate of tumors in patients. He noted that at least 25 to 35 cases of tumors are registered in the capital Sana’a on a daily basis and that this is a catastrophic epidemic.

Al-Mutawakil said during a press conference in Sana’a that “20 thousand people die every year from cancer due to lack of health services and lack of treatment with the siege of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen.”

He stressed that the countries of the alliance of aggression on Yemen prevent the travel of cancer patients for treatment abroad and at the same time prevent medical devices, for the treatment of cancer patients, from entering the country. The minister also stressed that the bombing that hit Yemen contributes to the high rates of tumors, which is one of the major reasons, explaining that 25% of them died because of the aggression and siege.

He pointed out that the control of the Saudi-led coalition of the ports flooded the country with carcinogens, thanking all the government agencies that are making efforts to counter this. “States of the coalition continue to impose degrading and humiliating conditions for the patient to block the international bridge for the transfer of cancer patients for treatment abroad”, he said.

Al-Mutawakil renewed the call to lift the siege on Sana’a airport and save thousands of patients who are threatened with death because of the closure of the airport and their inability to travel for treatment abroad.