Killed and Wounded Civilians in Saudi-Mercenaries’ Shelling in Hodeidah




Three women and a child were killed, on Friday, while 4 others, including two children, were wounded due to artillery shelling of Saudi-mercenaries on a house in in Al-Haly district, Hodeidah province, a local source reported.

On Thursday, a citizen was killed and three others were injured after an artillery shelling of Saudi-mercenaries on Al-Shohda neighborhood of Al-Haly district.

This comes in light of the escalation of Saudi-led coalition’s forces in Hodeidah and a clear violation of the ceasefire agreement in the province.

Names of martyrs:

1- Mariam Ali Sarhan, 25 years old.

2- Rawan Mohammed Qassem, 7 years old.

3- Ashjan Ali, 25 years old.

4- Saud Ismail, 70 years old.

Names of the wounded:

1- Vita Ibrahim Hubble, 13 years old.

2- Retal Mohammed Qassem, year and two months old.

3- Rania Qassem Awad, 18 years old.

4- Darwisha Qassem Awad, 30 years old.