Aden witnesses violent clashes, street war in Khor Maksar




Fierce clashes erupted in Caltex round in Khor Maksar area in the southern port city of Aden between the UAE-backed southern transitional council’s militias and the Saudi-backed Hadi forces.

The fighting widened to include Remy neighborhood, which is witnessing a street war, as well as the Corniche area, according to media sources in Aden.

The clashes broke out after Hadi’s military forces cut off the sea route, the source added.

The clashes began on Wednesday after the separatists accused an Islamist party allied to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi of complicity in a missile attack on a military parade, one of three separate attacks that targeted southern forces.

The separatists and Hadi’s government are nominally united in their battle against the Houthis, who removed Hadi from power in the capital Sanaa in late 2014, but they have rival agendas for Yemen’s future.