President Mahdi Al-Mashat Honors Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi’s Family with the Shield of the Ministry of Defense: Details



During President Al-Mashat’s visit to the family of Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi and his meeting with his sons and brothers on Sunday, he hailed the Quranic position taken by Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi to defend the nation’s primary causes, support the vulnerable, and confront global hegemony.

He pointed out that the methodology of the martyr in resisting and confronting injustice, oppressors and the forces of global arrogance is embodied today at its finest in the face of Saudi American aggression as we fight the battle of liberation, pride, dignity and rejection of hegemony.

He also expressed that the anniversary of the martyr is a station to emphasize that we are following his footsteps. Moreover, he stressed that the path and methodology of Sayyed Al-Houthi will remain present in the nation’s conscience deriving from it the highest meanings of pride and dignity.

In the same context,  president Al-Mashat presented the martyr’s family symbolic gifts, assuring the political and military leadership’s concern for the martyr’s family and all the other martyrs’ families that are rewriting Yemen’s history.