Saudi Shells Kill and Injure Civilians in Hodeidah (Pictures)



The Saudi-UAE militants in Hodeidah province committed a fresh crime against civilians on Sunday, targeting densely populated residential areas in the al-Zuhur, Hali district, with a number of artillery shells. The bombing caused the shrapnels to kill 4 civilians while injuring 18 others. In addition, homes and vehicles were severely damaged by the Saudi attack.

The injured by the Saudi-UAE militants’ attack were taken to a hospital in the aforementioned district. It is worth noting that Hodiedah is already experiencing a lack of medical supplies, equipment, and medicine.

Such crimes by the mercenaries, backed by the Saudi-UAE aggression, are committed around the clock, as homes of citizens in Hodeidah are directly and continuously being hit. these acts violate the Sweden agreement but are faced with complete silence by international organizations and the United Nations.