YPC: “In a wild escalation”, Saudi-UAE forces continue to detain 15 oil tankers



The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) confirmed Yesterday, Tuesday, that the Saudi aggression forces are still holding 15 ships loaded with oil derivatives off Jizan port.

The oil company stated in a statement that the detention periods of the 15 vessels reach a maximum of more than 78 days, despite the completion of inspection procedures in Djibouti and obtaining permits.

YPC added that no oil shipment has been allowed to enter the port since the arrival of the ship “Destia Pucci” to the port of Hodeidah on May 23, 2020.

Moreover, the company pointed out that the port of Hodeidah did not receive any ship for the past 12 days, which is considered a dangerous indicator that indicates the degree of the wild escalation taking place by the Saudi-led aggression.

The oil company emphasized that arbitrary piracy would have a catastrophic impact in fighting the coronavirus, as oil derivatives are necessary to cover the full needs of the health, hygiene and water sectors.

Moreover, the YPC held the Saudi-UAE aggression forces responsible for the repercussions resulting from the unjust blockade and the ongoing maritime piracy and all the consequences that are considered to punish all Yemenis.

In addition, the petroleum company said the United Nations is also held responsible for continuing to neglect Saudi brutal siege that goes against International laws, and for abandoning its obligations, especially in light of the necessity of supporting government measures to combat the Corona epidemic.

The YPC explained that the aggression forces are trying to form epidemic hotspots by creating oil crises that push citizens to abandon procedures, which will result in congestion in front of petrol stations.

The company added, “We will have to start applying the numbering system in the petroleum stations in order to meet the needs of the domestic needs and stability in the levels of supply.”

“The implementation of the numbering system starts Wednesday morning, June 10, and the most important service sectors related to the livelihood of citizens will be our priority,” the Yemeni Petroleum said.