Al-Qadri: UNSC Did Not Bear Its Responsibility on Hodeidah-Continuing War



Al-Qadri said in a statement to al-Masirah Arabic channel, on Sunday, that they have presented to the UN mission a message, calling for an end to the arbitrary measures taken by the naval forces of the aggression coalition countries against fuel tankers and food cargos. He added that the United Nations contradicts itself when it warns of the dangers that could be caused by Corona in Yemen, and it does not provide what proves or shows the Yemeni people that they are concerned.

The member of the national team in the Coordination Committee, Major General Qadri, affirmed that the United Nations and the Security Council did not bear the responsibility for the ongoing war on the city of Hodeidah.

Al-Qadri continued, saying: Humanity advocates do not pay attention to what Yemen suffers from, and they are satisfied with empty data, and the aggression forces want to break the agreement of Sweden, noting that the fate of hospitals and the Public service in Yemen and in Hodeidah, in particular, to keep functioning, depends fully on the fuel seized offshore.

Al-Qadri confirmed that it had been agreed with the other party to open humanitarian paths in Hodeidah and we opened them in Haiss, while the United Nations Mission was prevented from entering al-Durayhimi by the other party.

اعلان الزكاة