Houthi Expresses Readiness for Dialogue With Saudi Aggression (BBC Interview)



The Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, affirmed readiness to discuss all issues on the table and in front of the media to reach a comprehensive solution that would stop the aggression against Yemen.

“We do not have any restrictions, or an agenda that we fear will appear in front of the media. We are present to talk with Saudi Arabia on live TV and with the countries participating in the aggression to talk about the issues of the Republic of Yemen and the suffering of the Yemenis people due to this aggression,” Mohamed Ali Al-Houthi said in an interview with the BBC channel last Friday.

“We presented a comprehensive solution document that contains all solutions, we called for paying salaries, we requested for a team mission to the Safer oil company, we called for complete solutions, not segmented or solutions for media consumption only,” he added.

“Until now, we are waiting for a response to what we have presented and to the ongoing dialogue with the UN envoy. What is happening today is a delay. We are unable to think, but they are unable to accomplish. We are presenting the initiatives and have presented realistic solutions, and they refuse to implement them,” Mohamed al-Houthi continued.

He pointed out that there are talks at the moment with the countries of aggression, but they do not rise to the level of peace negotiations. He said, “We urge that there should be communication until the aggression stops on our country and we called from the first day of the aggression to dialogue and that everything is available to everyone.”

The Supreme Political Member also affirmed readiness to go to Saudi Arabia to sign the comprehensive solution document if Saudi Arabia and the countries of aggression agreed to it.

He pointed out that the entire Yemeni people need help by ending the blockade and stopping the aggression .. And he said, “We do not need the assistance of anyone, the entire Yemeni people, whether in the occupied areas or the areas that do not fall under occupation, need to be free and not besieged, to use all resources so they can live peacefully and liberated.”

“Regarding the Coronavirus, Al-Houthi clarified that showing or concealing the number of people infected with the virus does not reduce the epidemic nor increase it, but increases terror .. indicating that psychiatrists say that most cases that come to clinics are the result of the media, they get panic, even if it was merely a cold Or any symptoms.

Moreover, he stated that the health system in Yemen is almost collapsed according to the evaluation of the United Nations organizations. He added, “We do not need the people to live in fear and anxiety from symptoms that may not be corona, whoever feels the real symptoms announced and talked about in several conferences and in billboards on street can go to the specialized hospitals.”

He pointed out that the Ministry of Health launched a specific program regarding the coronavirus to be applied in specific hospitals, and then directed all hospitals in the Republic of Yemen to receive all cases with weak existing capabilities and this is a well-known thing. He said, “We do not have tests through which we can determine who is infected with Corona and who is not.”

In addition, he stated that all the Yemenis who were stuck abroad and were prevented from going to Yemen were allowed to return with the outbreak of Corona, where eight planes were sent to Yemen in one day, two planes from India, four planes from Egypt, two planes from Jordan and Egypt was already infected with the epidemic.

He added, “Sending them that way and not examining them or putting them in quarantine is proof that they are the ones held responsible. This is on the one hand, and on the other hand, they sent thousands from Saudi Arabia back to Yemen.”

The member of the political council stressed that the Yemeni people today are going through a major oil crisis. In addition to another disaster in the lack of entry of the solutions and drugs needed to confront the Corona pandemic. However, the Saudi-led aggression coalition claims that they are on a ceasefire and they are the ones who besiege the Yemeni people from the arrival of such essentials.

Regarding the Saudi claimed ceasefire, Mohamed Ali al-Houthi indicated that the aggression coalition was the one that declared the ceasefire unilaterally, and yet they did not stop since the first day, stressing the importance of a true ceasefire, not for media consumption and political marketing.

Regarding the donors’ conference, the supreme political member said,“ There was supposed to be a donors’ conference that is not in a country that invades and besieges our country.” Additionally, he indicated that Saudi Arabia did not provide anything, and what it presented in the donors’ conference was announced before the conference and many other countries participating in the Saudi aggression coalition also provided nothing, while Britain presented at the donors’ conference what Saudi Arabia did not.

He stressed that the donors’ conference was a failure because whoever manages the money that the conference brings to the United Nations organizations do not reach the poor of Yemen, as two-thirds of the funds are for operating expenses for them and their workers and nothing reaches the Yemeni people.

“We called on the United Nations Organization to provide financial support instead of expired or corrupt aid that is being given to the Yemeni people,” he added.