July 9: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



Yesterday on Thursday, the Saudi-American aggression (coalition) continued its raids and shelling against a number of governorates, causing casualties and damage to public and private properties. Its violations continued as well though its paid mercenaries against the ceasefire agreement of Hodeidah.

In Marib, the US-Saudi warplanes launched 12 raids on the Majzar district and Najd Al-Ataq in the Sarwah district within the past 24 hours.
Moreover, it launched 4 airstrikes in the district of Abdiya located within the aforementioned governorate.

In Al-Bayda, the Saudi-led aggression launched 4 raids on the Nateh district during the past hours.

In northern Yemeni province of Saada, an air raid by the aggression air force targeted the Al-Zahir district, while another was carried out on the Wadi-Abu-Jbara valley in the Kataf district.

In Al-Jawf, the air force of the US-backed Saudi aggression conducted a raid on the district of Khub Wa Al-Sha`f

In Hodeidah, the aggression forces committed 191 violations. Those violations were as follows:

  • The Saudi military jets targeting, with two airstrikes, fishermen boats in the Salif district.
  • The hovering of 12 warplanes in the airspace of Al-Hodeidah, Al-Manzhar, and Kilo 16 as well as 9 spy drones in Al-Jah, Kilo 16, and the city of Al-Hodeidah.
  • 65 breaches were carried out with artillery bombardment with over 211 shells, while 103 violations were conducted using various weapons.

Also in Hodeidah:

  • The Saudi-led aggression air force launched two raids against a hangar owned by the Milh company in the Al-Salif district.
  • A military bulldozer created combat fortifications in al-Jah, in the Beit al-Faqih district.
  • The UAE-Saudi mercenaries bombed with more than 54 artillery shells the Maghari village and other areas within the district of Haiss.
  • The mercenaries targeted with artilleries and machineguns, the besieged city of Al-Durayhimi.
  • Artillery bombardment and machine guns of the mercenaries targeted areas near the Dabiani, the airport, the defense camp, and the Faculty of Engineering.
  • The mercenaries also bombed 13 artillery shells south of the city of Al-Tuhita and targeted various areas within the Haiss district using machine guns.