July/11: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



Yesterday on Saturday, the US-UK backed Saudi-led aggression on Yemen continued its raids and shelling against a number of governorates, causing casualties and damage to public and private properties. While in Hodeidah, the invaders and mercenaries continued their violations of the Sweden agreement.

In Marib, a number of 12 raids by the Saudi warplanes targeted the district of Majzar while two raids were conducted in the Najd al-Ataq area within the Serwah district.

In Saada, northern Yemen, the Saudi aggression jets launched two raids on the Al-Zahir district and two raids on the Shada district, as well as a raid on the Maran region in the Haydan district.

In Taiz, a child was shot and wounded by the snipers of the Saudi-UAE paid mercenaries in the Al-Jerat, district of Al-Mesrakh.

In Hodeidah, the aggression committed 70 violations, including the targeting of fishing boats in the Salif with two airstrikes, the hovering of 6 warplanes and 3 espionage drones, over Hodeidah airspace.

Moreover, a Saudi artillery shelling by artilleries targeted the Al-Adien area in the Haiss district.

اعلان الزكاة