Yemen’s Government Spokesman Condemns Saudi Deprivation of Hajj for Muslims



The spokesman for the National Salvation Government, Minister of Information, Dhaifallah Al-Shami, condemned the Saudi regime for preventing Muslims freely to perform Hajj this year. The government spokesman considered the preventing of the Saudi regime of pilgrims from performing Hajj, a crime against Muslims and repelling the path of God and the Sacred Mosque.

The Minister affirmed that the holy places must be open for all Muslims and preventing them from accessing them under any justification is a crime against religion .. indicating that keeping silent about this is considered empowerment of the Zionist project that wants to separate the nation from its religion and control its sanctities.

He also denounced the Saudi regime’s intent to deal with the Holy Land, Mecca and Medina as places merely for its self. The al-Shami minister then pointed out that this system implements an American Zionist agenda to repel Muslims from performing this part of Islam, which represents the largest annual pilgrimage of Muslims nationwide.

The government spokesman explained that the silence on emptying the Hajj from its real content by Muslims in the previous years opened the appetite for Zionism and its allies, the Saudi regime, to reach the commission of this crime.

Spokesman Dhaifallah al-Shami called on the governments and the people of the Islamic world to express anger towards this crime of the Saudi regime for preventing the Hajj pilgrimage and its disdain for the holy places. He then warned that the silence and negligence of Muslims will lead to calamities that will be more criminal than what is happening today and everyone will be complicit in the crime.