Yemen’s UN Delegate: Griffiths Is Not a Mediator and Works as a British Envoy



Yemen’s representative to the United Nations, Umm Kulthum Baalawi, confirmed that the UN envoy Martin Griffiths does not represent the mediator’s role in what is happening in Yemen, and instead, he is behaving as a British envoy.

During her interview with Al-Masirah Arabic TV channel last Tuesday evening, Umm Kulthum Baalawi said that the detention of ships is a crime of genocide that cannot be silenced before, which is worse than what is said about Nazi practices in the World War, demanding that the mission of the UN envoy must remain as a mediator .. not a party or a country.

She clarified that the Special Adviser for Human Rights expressed his repeated condemnation of the detention of oil derivative tankers, pointing out that the United Nations acts are not seen during humanitarian demands.

For his part, the member of the national delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Hajry warned of international complicity with the crime of seizing oil derivative ships, saying: “If the negative role played by the United Nations continues, Yemen has wider options outside it.”