Watch: Yemeni Forces Launch an Offensive on the Saudi Border Against Paid Mercenaries



The military media affiliated with the Yemeni army and the popular committees distributed a video showing an attack against the Saudi-mercenaries position in the Shourfa area within the frontlines of Najran, in the Saudi border areas.

The scenes documented the gathering of the Yemeni forces during dawn while they were reading the Holy Quran before the infiltrating the Saudi-occupied positions and reaching their front barricades and clashing with the mercenaries of the Saudi army from close distances, to end the confrontations by defeating the mercenaries and controlling their areas, and proceeding to other sites.

The scenes showed the bravery and courage of the Yemeni army and the popular committees as they advanced towards the positions of the mercenaries, despite the intensity of the fire and the ruggedness of the areas of engagement.

The intensity of the fire clarifies the ferocity of the battle and the determination of the army and the popular committees to defeat the mercenary groups.

Indeed, the military media lens documented the moments of the escape of the remaining mercenaries with their vehicles.

The Saudi aggression, with its warplanes, launched many airstrikes to try to impede the advancement of the Yemeni forces but failed.