Telecom Condemns Aggression’s Targeting of Mahweet Construction Branch



The Public Communications Corporation condemned on Saturday the targeting by the US-Saudi aggression of the building of its construction branch in Mahweet province.

The aggression’s bombing with 3 raids of the construction department guard housing, and causing civilian casualties among women and children, is a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian norms, charters and laws, an official in the Communications Corporation confirmed in a statement to Saba.

He pointed out that the bombing killed a child, his mother and one of the workers, and seriously injured 7 others, including children and women.

The official deplored the continuation of the aggression coalition in targeting populated areas, dignitaries, and service and civil institutions, in light of suspicious silence and international complicity.

The Communications Corporation appealed to the United Nations and the international community to pressure the coalition of aggression to stop its aggression against civilians and vital and service facilities that are linked to the lives of millions of Yemeni people.

It is noteworthy that the Telecommunications Corporation has been subjected to systematic bombing and destruction over the course of six years, as the losses of the communications and postal sectors amounted to more than five billion and 452 million and 572 dollars.

Statistics issued by the Ministry of Communications indicate the killing of more than 55 of its employees, cadres and engineers as a result of the bombing and raids, and the destruction of 248 towers, 1,652 stations, 46 exchange facilities, 1,458 power and air-conditioning equipment, and 32 communications booths.

9 civilians killed and injured after Saudi raids target Al-Mahweet gov.