Massive rally to condemn the Saudi latest crime in Al-Mahwit province



Today, Sunday, the city of Al-Mahwit witnessed a mass rally denouncing the crime of the Saudi-American aggression against the Al-Houri family in the village of Ajama in Al-Mahwit city, which killed three civilians and wounded seven.

The participants in the rally denounced the continued crimes of the Saudi-led aggressive coalition and their horrific massacres against civilians, in addition to their targeting of civic assets.

In turn, the Director-General of Al Mahwit City Directorate, Colonel Ghamdan Al-Azki, stressed that all the crimes committed by the US-Saudi aggressors and the continued killing of civilians will not stop the victories achieved by the army and the popular committees on many fronts.

Al-Azki pointed out that the forces of US-Saudi aggression, through their military escalation, do not want peace, and are working to exacerbate the suffering of the Yemeni people, who will not surrender, and the general mobilization towards the fronts will be the most informed response to these heinous crimes.

During the event, speeches were delivered about the people of the Al-Mahwit city directorate, confirming the brutality and criminality of the Saudi aggression against Yemenis in front of a complicit world, pointing out that the Saudi raids are targeting all the people of Yemen.

A statement was issued by the demonstration condemning the continuation of the international silence towards the Saudi targeting of civilians with prohibited weapons, destroying the country and the unjust siege imposed by them.