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U.K condemns but participates in killing Yemenis

YemenExra Y.A The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain has condemned Sudan for seeking to retain and even increase its troops in a Saudi Arabian-led coalition that has invaded the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country. It…

Ministry of Oil Condemns Saudi Looting of Yemeni Oil

YemenExtra SH.A. Yemen’s Oil and Mineral Ministry has denounced the looting of the country’s oil resources by Saudi Arabia, saying the move is a blatant violation of international law. The ministry said in a statement on Saturday…

Yemeni Ministry of HR Condemns Hodeidah Massacres

YemenExtra SH.A. The Ministry of Human Rights condemned the continuation of the Saudi-American aggression in targeting civilians, the latest of which was on the directorates of al- Khokha and al-Jarahi in Hodeidah…