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Germany: Anti-Merkel protesters rally in Hamburg

YemenExtra SH.A. Anti-Merkel demonstrators were met with Antifa counter-protests in Hamburg on Monday, amid a heavy police presence. About 230 people demonstrated against German Chancellor Angela Merkel under the slogan…

Germany harms Saudi-led coalition over its war on Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Germany has decided that it will halt exporting arms to the Saudi-led coalition that are waging war on Yemen. A spokesman for the German government said on Friday that it had decided to stop exporting arms to countries…

Member of Daesh media wing Amaq captured in Germany

YemenExtra M.A. On Wednesday a person working for Daesh media wing Amaq News was arrested in Germany, after the federal courts investigative judge had issued a warrant for the suspect on May 25. The arrest was announced yesterday by the…