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Emirates hijack ports on Aden Gulf ,Red Sea ..!

YemenExtra Y.A Four years ago, the UAE suffered in Aden,southern Yemen, when the Yemeni government under popular pressure canceled a contract in which it enabled DP World, which operates more than 70 ports around the world and owned by…

Israel urges Arab states to team up against Iran

YemenExtra M.A. Israeli minister of military affairs has extended the hand of friendship to Arab countries, calling on them to form an alliance against Iran. Avigdor Lieberman wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday that the Middle…

Yemen’s ongoing conflict reveals a deeply divided Gulf

“The role of the Emirates in Yemen: Who will curb the danger of Abu Dhabi?” read the screen during a recent episode of Al Jazeera’s Behind the News, which featured a panel of Yemeni political analysts discussing the…