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Kuwait Protests after Saudi Adviser Insults Minister

YemenExtra M.A. Kuwait on Wednesday protested to Saudi Arabia over derogatory remarks made by a senior adviser to the Saudi royal court against one of its cabinet ministers. Deputy foreign minister Khaled al-Jarallah told reporters…

New details emerge of Saudi Arabia’s treatment of Hariri

YemenExtra M.A. A leading US daily has revealed new details of Saudi Arabia's degrading treatment of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri during a recent trip to Riyadh, where the Lebanese leader was coerced into reading a prepared…

Lebanon thinks Saad Hariri detained in Saudi Arabia – Aoun

YemenExtra M.A. Lebanese President Michel ‘Aoun said on Wednesday that his government considers former Prime Minister Saad Hariri detained in Saudi Arabia due to the fact that he hasn’t returned in 12 days. ‘Aoun added that Hariri’s…