Report: 33 Yemeni civilians killed, injured in a single day by Saudi airstrikes



A total of 33 civilians were killed and wounded, including children and women, in several airstrikes conducted by the Saudi-led coalition, including international banned cluster bombs, on several Yemeni governorates over the past day, according to a number of summarized reports on Thursday. 

In the northern governorate of Saada, 12 civilians were killed and another one was wounded when a Saudi warplane waged a strike on a popular market, while five other civilians were killed when two airstrikes targeted a car in Kutaf district.

To continue with Saada, two children were killed and three other children and a man were injured in an airstrike on a house in Mahjar area of Baqem district. Another child and two women sustained wounds in an airstrike waged on another house based in the same district.

Two more children were killed, three others wounded and two houses were demolished in airstrikes on Teshdan area of Ghamer bordering district.

Also in Ghamer, three Saudi American airstrikes struck Kahlan camp of Ghor area as the Saudi missile and artillery forces shelled the area.

Moreover, a civilian from nearby Shada district lost his life in an attack launched by Saudi border guards.

In the capital Sana’a, the coalition warplanes launched 32 strikes, dropping cluster bombs, on Dhula-Hamdan area west of the capital, resulting in severe damage to residents’ houses and farms.

In central the governorate of Marib, the fighter jets launched two strikes on Serwah district.

Meanwhile, the Saudi artillery shelling hit residents’ houses and farms in a number of areas located in Serwah district of Marib.

In the Red Sea port city of Hudayda, the Saudi-led coalition waged three airstrikes on a farm in al-Tuhaita district.