Yemeni Burkan 2 missile hits the Saudi capital Riyadh ahead of Trump’s visit




The missile force of the Yemeni joint military just announced the targeting of the Saudi capital Riyadh using a “Burkan 2” missile.

Burkan 2 was launched on Friday, May 9th, ahead of Trump’s visit to the Saudi Kingdom, conveying a “welcome message” from the almost 30 Yemenis being bombarded for nearly three years using American supplied bombs, including international banned ones, local source reported to YemenExtra.

“The Obama administration put a hold on precision-guided munitions it had agreed to sell the Saudis out of fear that they would be used to bomb civilians in Yemen. The Trump administration has freed up those weapons, which are part of the $110 billion package”, stated the New York Times.

More details of the targeted location will be soon revealed.